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At Natural Elements, we offer one-stop solutions for your indoor & outdoor surfacing needs. Floors, walls decks, patios, counters, you name it, we’ll advise you on your best options suggest appropriate designs, supply your materials, and put it all together for you. Colour palette that invites you to enter a space and leave the world at the door. Colour adds a tint of magic in any space. Vibrant or subtle, colours plays a role of a mood creator. From bringing glee to the room to adding beauty and initiating a client’s desire to life, is the ultimate goal for Natural Elements.
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Discover our flooring patterns & colours inspiration moodboard.

Engineered Chevron Flooring | Engineered Herringbone Flooring Engineered Plank Flooring | Acoustic Panel | Acoustic Panel

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From standard to custom to truly unique solutions, Natural Elements has an expansive breadth of flooring, ceiling, elevations, claddings and wall products to fit any project.

Outdoor Indoor cladding Thermo Pine | Outdoor cladding Thermo Ash Elevation cladding Natural clads | Elevation cladding Natural clads Elevation, cladding, Pergolas, louver, trellis | Outdoor Indoor cladding Thermo Pine | Exterior cladding Java teak | Engineered wood flooring Outdoor deck flooring |Outdoor elevation material Natural Clads Pattern flooring Walnut spiral | Solid wood flooring

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Colours & Shades enriching your space with foundations of wooden tones balancing the richness of shades, giving the wood the final finish of luxury.

Oak Solid Wood Flooring | Acoustic panelling | Engineered. Pastel Wood Flooring | Chevron exterior flooring | Engineered Pattern Wood Flooring

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Choose from Natural Elements’ plethora of Engineered Wood Flooring products, transform your space into the epitome of comfort and luxury.

Norman Breeze | Oak Indigo | Grey Cashmere | Oak Vanilla
Natural Oak | ALBION/Oak | Grey Velvet | Chamboard

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An architectural venture is one where your space is designed with Natural Elements. Turning a home into a marvellous wonder.

Burmese Teak Engineered Flooring | Large Formal Wooden Tile- 900 *900
IPE Deck Wood Plank- 90mm | Jawa Teak Outdoor Cladding

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Moodboard 06

Subtle tones make a style statement. The subtle shades at Natural Elements is an array of creativity, luxury and style.

Pattern Flooring: Mosaic Flooring Versailles | Steam Beach Fluted Panelling
Fresno Fluted Panelling | Distressed White Oak Tile